About Us

We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality Products

1st Class Organics was a vision transformed into reality during what seems to be a hopeless time known as 2020. It was a tumultuous time for many and we personally felt its negative impact on many aspects of our lives. We rallied around family and friends who needed us, and they too rallied behind us when our time of need came. This is true brotherhood, humanity and love. Together, we are more resilient and unwavering to make it through any adverse situation and we are coming back stronger!

We love our health, our family and friends, our home and garden, our pets, and we are here to share with you the simplest pleasures in life that prove to be our true treasures!

Our Company

We pride ourselves with simple, natural and organic products that are essential to daily living. We have tested and used these products ourselves and improved them by formulating 1st class, and high quality ingredients. Our Bath and Body line is handcrafted and made in small batches for quality assurance. Our Home and Garden products are  sustainable and eco-friendly. Our company may be small but we believe that we have grown tenfolds because we not only strive and work hard for success, but rather to be of value. That is our aim, to be of value to you the best way we can…the 1st Class Way!